** NOTE **

Patterns and colours of products will vary due to availability of fabrics at each market stall. As we use “rescued” fabrics that have been diverted from going into landfill (i.e. clearance items, pieces from peoples collections that they no longer want/need, and off cuts), most items are one-off.

Please visit our stall at a market near you to view our full range and to purchase our products. See our Market Stalls page for more information.

Beeswax Wraps

8 inch (~20cm)        $4.00 each

10 inch (~25cm)        $6.00 each

12 inch (~30cm)        $8.00 each

14 inch (~35cm)        $10.00 each

Bread Bags        $18.00 each

Coffee Cups

Bamboo Composite        $12.00 each

Glass        $20.00 each

Plastic        $15.00 each

Latte / Juice Cup        $9.95 each

Cutlery Wraps

Regular        $25.00 each (cutlery included)

Slimline        $15.00 each (cutlery included)

Makeup Pads        $5.00 for pack of 5

Market Bags        from $15.00 to $25.00

Produce Bags        $5.00 each

Shopping Bags        $12.00 each

Straws        $5.00 for 2 straws & 1 cleaner