Undisposed sells eco-friendly and handmade goods made from fabrics that would have otherwise been disposed of such as remnants, off-cuts and fabrics that have been held onto but we had not yet found a use for.

We are a mother-daughter team and are both passionate about helping reduce waste and replace disposable, single-use items that are quickly overtaking our landfills with portable, reusable items that are functional and also beautiful!

Deirdre has handmade every single one of our products and they come in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns, so there is bound to be one that you fall in love with.

If you are interested in seeing our range of products, meeting us in person and getting to know more about Undisposed, check out our Shop and Market Stalls page to see where you can find us! Also, please follow us on social media to keep updated with our day to day progress, and we look forward to your ongoing support! 

xo Deirdre & Jessica